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Boston Area Corporate Headshots – Sovos

Posted by: In: Headshots 08 Jun 2016 Comments: 0
C16_0523_Sovos_Headshots-033_WEB   For this headshot session, we were going for something a little more punchy than your standard soft lit headshot. These came out really crisp and the black and white turned conversion turned out great. This session is a great example of a high production image created in a short amount of time using minimal space. Also, it was the client's choice to go black and white. Initially, I was a bit apprehensive because I rarely deliver portraits in black and white. For me, the monochrome look was more suited for fine art portraiture. However, as I was going through the color to black and white conversion I realized I like the look. And now when I'm scrolling through LinkedIn I'm seeing a lot more black and white headshots than I can remember. Maybe I'm just tuned into seeing them, like when you decide on a new car and you see that car everywhere you go for a few weeks. Regardless, I'm pleased to have added a new look to the headshot menu.

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