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It's More Than Just What You Look Like

We've been providing Boston area headshots for nearly a decade. In that time we've developed a style that is clean, crisp and dynamic.

From your top executives, your management team, all the way down to your workforce,  head shot photography provides a collective look to your company. Clients, colleagues and prospects will appreciate seeing friendly and confident faces on your website, annual reports or any marketing collateral. Stock photography is not an option. Effective head shots can provide viewers with a look into the personality of the people that make your company click.

Our approach is simple. We make sure that you are comfortable and looking your best. Attention to detail is critical for us to make the photos you need. Before the session we ask a lot of questions to ensure that we know what you are looking for before we begin any photography. We understand that being in front of the camera is not everyone's favorite place, so it's important that we are efficient in the process. 

We are available for individual headshot sessions, but we are also experienced at organizing headshots for the entire office. The adage, "time is money" has never been more accurate, and an office photo day can help a company obtain headshots for the entire staff in just a few short hours.