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Let's Get Creative - Let's Tell A Story

These photos represent our conceptual photography projects. All of these projects were a culmination of our own ideas and took weeks of planning and preproduction. Each image was thoughtfully constructed and put together to be a piece of the whole story. Do you have a story to tell? Do you want to get creative? If so, let's collaborate.

Vote For Chase 

This project came about after watching our friends' son charismatically make the rounds at a wedding. We called him "The Mayor" because he was so outgoing and personable that it was hard to believe he was only 5 years old. This was 2012 when we began planning, right in the heat of the Presidential Election. We then created a story board inspired by the iconic political photographs that are created by photojournalists during major campaigns. Our goal was to add a little levity to the heated political scene, but also portray the importance of the democratic process. Vote for Chase received a bit of attention and was picked up by the popular photography blog Peta Pixel.

Live The Dress

Imagine a woman, so in love with her wedding dress, that she never wants to take it off. It could happen. A wedding dress is a huge investment, both monitarily and emotionally, and 12 hours of use on the big day just doesn't seem economical. Why not wear the dress to work, or to the grocery store or while making dinner?

If that were to happen it might look a lot like this.

Small World - California

California is a huge part of our lives. Ashley is a native Californian and we make a few trips out there every year to see family and friends. Not too long ago, Ashley planned a trip from Northern California to Southern California with a tilt-shift lens. Her goal was to creat landscape images that created a miniature effect. 

Small World - Moab, UT

This time we found ourselves in Moab, UT on assignment and wanted to continue the Small World project while we were on the road.