Executive Headshots – Startup Founders

– Executive Headshots As Brand Exercise –

From the very beginning, startup founders represent their company. Therefore, executive headshots enhance their personal brand, conveying professionalism, credibility, and trustworthiness. In a competitive startup landscape, trust and connections are crucial. Approachable headshots humanize the founder, fostering trust and encouraging engagement with potential customers and stakeholders.

Duckbill Founders Emi and Meghan

When I received a call for executive headshots for the Duckbill founders I was excited to learn more about this company. As I learned, Duckbill is an incredibly diverse service to help anyone with any type of admin task. Whether it’s finding a vendor for a job or negotiating a questionable utility invoice, Duckbill is there to help. Essentially, they help people manage some tasks they might not be able to get donoe during their busy day.

It’s a pretty cool concept and I enjoyed talking with Emi and Meghan about their concept. Given the nature of their company, these executive headshots needed to exude confidence and energy. Headshots tell a founder’s story, showcasing their passion, expertise, and startup values. Furthermore, this adds authenticity and resonates with the target audience. However, being photographed isn’t always easy, so it’s my job to create an comfortable environment that allows someone’s energy come through. Both Emi and Meghan were naturally confident and energetic, so creating their executive headshots was a lot of fun. 

Consistency and Differentiation

Professional headshots across marketing channels create a cohesive image, signaling professionalism to investors, employees, and customers. Photographing in the studio allows a bit more control, however we lose out environmental options. Because of this, I chose to use a few different backgrounds to give Emi and Meghan and their marketing team some choices. 

The wood slat wall and the black wainscot wall were the winners because they both have a classic look and modern feel. I felt that these would provide a distinctive look, therefore helping these startup founders to stand out and leave an impression. One surprise was the black wall with the black wardrobe, which I think works very well. 

Headshots for Marketing Success

Finally, investing in high-quality headshots drives marketing success. Moreover, they are vital to the marketing process for startup founders. Executive headshots contribute to personal branding, trust-building, storytelling, consistency, differentiation, and thought leadership. Appropriate use of photography will certainly attract media attention and partnerships. 

Below are the executive headshots selected by the Duckbill founders Emi and Meghan. Do you think these backgrounds work and provide a clean, dynamic headshot?

For more information on Duckbill services, please check out https://www.getduckbill.com/