Headshots in Black and White

Jul 11, 2023 | Branding, Business Headshots

-Headshots In Black And White Stand Out-

In a world of vibrant color, there’s something striking about headshots in black and white. Not only does the monochrome have aesthetic appeal, but it also serves a purpose. The viewer’s attention is drawn directly to the subject’s eyes, expressions, and overall composition.Therefore, using these photos for marketing allows clients and prospects some insight into the personality of a business. And that’s exactly what Eyeful Beauty Salon was looking to accomplish. 

Emotional Impact Through Photography

I have worked with Eyeful Beauty Salon multiple times over the years, as a client and photography service provider. Their stylists have helped my clients look their best for their headshot portraits.  In turn, I have worked to create brand imagery to help the business with promotional material. Everytime, they have turned out incredible, mostly because hair and makeup is always going to be amazing. But moreso because the stylists have tremendous warmth and energy about them. 

Owner Meghan Harrah is one of the most dedicated small business owners I have ever met and is always looking for a new way to get creative. As we know, headshots have an important place in the marketing strategy of any business. When potential customers or clients see the faces behind the business, they can establish a sense of trust and familiarity. This is super important in a service industry such as a hair and beauty salon. 

So when Meghan approached the idea of headshots in black and white, I thought it would work well with her website marketing. First off, headshots in black and white have a simplicity about them that allows the viewer to focus on the expression and energy of the subject. Next, the majority of businesses use headshots color, so Eyeful’s black and white portraits will stand out. 

Headshots With Shadows And Light

Black and white photography thrives on contrast and tonal range. By manipulating light and shadow, these portraits effortlessly evoke depth, texture, and energy. The use of contrast accentuate facial features and bring out the personality in the subject. And that’s the whole point of this project, to highlight Eyeful’s talented stylists. 

Another choice we made was using window light, which adds to the simplicity of these headshots. The big windows in our studio bring in a lot of soft, flattering light. This was the perfect compliment for the black and white processing because it’s further’s the purpose of letting expression jump out to the viewer.

In the future I’d like to see more companies and small businesses use headshots in black and white if it aligns with there branding and marketing agenda. They are classic and timeless in their look and do a great job at highlighting personality.

Below you’ll find the headshots in black and white from Eyeful Beauty’s photo session. These were all taken at our Mill No. 5 using available light from our huge windows. I love how these turned out.