The Power Of Collective Support

Aug 16, 2023 | Business Headshots

-The Power Of Collective Support In Regards To Headshot Photography-

As a headshot photographer, I’m often asked to provide location sessions at a company’s office. This format comes with its own set of pros and cons. For instance, it allows us to efficiently create portraits of the entire team in a short amount of time. However, the downside is that we often lack privacy, which can sometimes lead to awkward moments. Today, I’d like to share an experience from a corporate headshot session that left a lasting impression on me. It’s a story about self-confidence, the uneasiness of being photographed, workplace camaraderie, and the power of collective support.

On Location Corporate Headshots

Upon my arrival at Align Credit Union headquarters, I carefully selected a spot spacious enough for my lighting setup. The only challenge was that I wouldn’t be able to shield the portrait subject from co-workers waiting for their turn or those that had just finished. This can have a negative impact on the work because some folks feel shy or awkward in front of the camera and this is completely normal. However, it can be really uncomfortable when other people are looking on while you have your portrait taken. My goal is always to make sure each person feels relaxed and gets a good photo they are proud to display. Needless to say I started to think that I had chosen the wrong spot, but decided to let it play out.

It’s Not Easy Being Photographed With People Watching

As I began photographing the team, something interesting happened that gave me insight into the dyanamics of this particular group. Slowly, a small group formed by the monitor and folks were helping each other out. There was a lot of cheering for each other, positive affirmations, and exclamations of “Oh you look great in this one!”  I heard great suggestions to change posture and some jokes that made people laugh, breaking the tension. It created a warm and encouraging atmosphere. Normally, this is 100% my responsibility to fix posture and look for out of place hair and wardrobe fixes. Thankfully, I had help from my impromptu crew.

Notably, we had a few individuals who had strong negative feelings about being photographed. As an empathetic person, I known when someone is having a bad time and I needed some help. This is where Andrea Brown emerged as the MVP of the day. She provided unwavering support for everyone, assisting with clothing and hair, and elevating everyone’s spirits. Her kind words made a significant impact, transforming nervous feelings into a celebration of self-assuredness. Interestingly, when it was her turn in front of the camera, she expressed her discomfort with being photographed. And guess what transpired? Just as she had done for others, her friends rallied behind her, guiding her through the process with the same encouragement she had offered to them.

Something Special In The Unexpected

Despite the lack of privacy, this scenario yielded some unexpected positive results. The team was incredibly supportive of one another. They made each other feel great about themselves, work through the awkwardness and select a photo they loved. Watching this in real time showed me the power of collective support and encouragement, the triumph over self doubt, and the magic of positive group dynamics. Align Credit Union has created an environment full of positive relationships and it truly felt like friends and family, not just co-workers. 

Below you’ll find a handful of photos from this session, with Andrea Brown front and center.

Rich was awesome from start to finish! I was in the market for new corporate headshots for my team. I wanted something professional but modern. Rich walked me through different concepts that were on brand and would work well for print and digital. The day of the photo session, he made everyone feel comfortable and took his time finding the perfect shots. In one business day, I received my final files and was extremely happy with the finished product. I highly recommend Pizzuti Photography!” – Karen M. Assistant Vice President, Marketing; Align Credit Union (from her Google Review)